Mixing Machines

  • Lab Scale Emulsifying Mixer Homogenizer

    Lab Scale Emulsifying Mixer Homogenizer

    This Lab Scale Small Size Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Homogenizer is specially designed for small batch test or production use with it’s smart structure and high efficiency advantages, mainly for laboratory use and small batch production.

    This vacuum emulsifying machine includes homogenizing emulsifying mixing tank, vacuum system, lifting system and electrical control system.

  • Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Mixer

    Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Mixer

    Our Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Mixing system is a complete system for making viscous emulsion, dispersion and suspension in small and large scale production, which are widely used for cream, ointment, lotion and cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

    The advantage of the vacuum emulsifier is that the products are sheared and dispersed in a vacuum environment to achieve the perfect product of defoaming and delicate light feeling, especially suitable for good emulsion effect for materials which are of high matrix viscosity or high solid content.

  • Vacuum Emulsifying Paste Making Machine

    Vacuum Emulsifying Paste Making Machine

    Our Vacuum Emulsifying Paste Making Machine is mainly used for manufacturing paste-like products, toothpaste, foods, and chemistries, etc. This system includes paste emulsification homogenizing machine, pre- mix boiler, glue boiler,powder material hopper, colloid pump and operation platform.

    The working principle of this equipment is to sequentially put various raw materials into the machine according to a certain production process, and making the all materials fully dispersed and mixed uniformly through strong stirring, dispersion, and grinding. Finally, after vacuum degassing, it becomes the paste.

  • High Shear Mixers

    High Shear Mixers

    Our High Shear Mixers are used throughout many industries, including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, ink, adhesives, chemicals and coatings industries. This mixer imparts vigorous radial and axial flow patterns and intense shear, it can accomplish a variety of processing objectives including homogenization, emulsification, powder wet-out and deagglomeration.

  • Jacketed Stainless Steel Reactor Mixing Tanks

    Jacketed Stainless Steel Reactor Mixing Tanks

    Our Jacketed Stainless Steel Reactor Mixing Tanks are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, fine chemicals and composed chemical industry.

  • Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

    Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

    We specialize in designing and manufacturing all types stainless steel tanks, reactors, mixers in any capacity from 100L ~ 15000L, meeting different storage requirements.